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Monitoring reports containing a management report and a progress report prepared by the Lead Region(s) are available here:
 - Monitoring report covering the period from July to December 2020
- Monitoring report covering the period from January to June 2020
- Monitoring report covering the period from July to December 2019
- Monitoring report covering the period from January to June 2019
- Monitoring report covering the period from July to December 2018



Cybersecurity risks in Europe are dramatically increasing: cyberespionage, cybercrime and theft of personal data are amongst the more pressing threats to the European society and economy. In the meanwhile, the development of European cyber technologies and of a cybersecurity industry is an opportunity for economic growth and job creation. Yet, cybersecurity in Europe is a nascent market still fragmented.

The aim of the partnership “Cybersecurity Smart Regions” is to develop interregional cooperation in order to:

  • create synergies among the existing specialized regions in cybersecurity
  • facilitate the development of EU cybersecurity value chain
  • address the challenges that hamper commercialisation of existing and new products and services in Europe
  • foster business investment on cybersecurity.

National and regional authorities and representatives from the quadruple helix involved in this partnership have already developed a wide range of activities supporting cybersecurity development. Indeed, strengthening cyber local ecosystems in Europe has a fundamental role in structuring the still “young” European sector.

In this context, this partnership aims to foster cooperation between already existing mature ecosystems which has defined cybersecurity as a priority of their Strategy for Smart Specialisation (S3).

Developing the cybersecurity sector and providing mechanisms for regions to cooperate and engage industry, academia and end-users is forefront to the success of this partnership and of the EU as a whole.

Results of the mapping

The result of the mapping exercise is available here:


Useful documents


List of regions involved

Leading regions
Participating regions
Interested regions


List of projects under development

Pilot project: Interregional acceleration programme for local cyber security scaleups.


Contact details of the leading region

Annie Audic (, Maison de la Bretagne Europe

Danilo D’Elia (, European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)


Contact details of JRC


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